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Green Built homes

May 13, 2015


Anyone who is reading this blog, probably shares a common interest in what I call, Building Green, or self sustainability. Going ‘off-grid’ is a term people use to explain a change in how they live independently from the Grid supply of the basics of life. However, it is a limiting term. I have to use the term because it is what most people relate to, and saves me a great deal of explaining. I annoy my wife in conversations, because I tell people we are going off grid, no power, water sewage, no shopping, no gas,and no utilities. But I do this to see if they are really listening. I say these things to see if they are ready to hear the truth. I suppose you could say it’s to see if they have an open mind. Imagine the setting, and the conversation:

‘Hi Dan, whatcha been up to’?
‘Hi Joe! Nothing much! Just learning and trying to get my self-sustainability green-built home off the ground’!
‘Green Built? What’s that’?
‘Uh…imagine a hole in the ground. Not a nasty dirty wet hole…but a warm dry cozy hole…’!



Reads like THE HOBBIT, but in reality it really isn’t that different. People have been colonized into thinking a certain way, and it’s taken me a decade to get out of thinking that way too! You are colonized, whether you want to admit it or not. (Colonized is a polite word for being brainwashed. I do not want to offend anyone or cause them to shut down their brains with a word) If you own a refrigerator, you have been colonized. If you heat your home using natural gas, you have been colonized. If your house is hooked up like a dying patient on life support, and if any of those machines were shut off, your house would die…you have been colonized. I am getting a tattoo…it will say ‘NO CODE”!!!



No code means many things, but mainly it means, ‘do not resuscitate’! In other words do not revive me when I am dying! Do not hook me up on life support!! Yet all of us live on life support everyday! You lose your job, can’t pay the utilities…BAM! Lights go out, and heat stops!! I have always questioned the morals of that scenario since I was a child! Yet, surprisingly, people DO NOT QUESTION IT! WHY? It’s so wrong on so many levels, it would take me all day to write a list of why it is wrong!!!

Someone told me when I was young: ‘DAN! Get a good education! Get a good Job! Work really hard and then You will have a great Life!’ What a load of horse crap! I got a GREAT Education! Top of my class! Got a couple degrees and diplomas! A trade! Worked so hard, my body suffers everyday when I get up! I spent my life working like a slave…and in many ways I was a slave, to just find myself scrabbling to pay the light bill at the end of the month? Really? Remember the movie ‘Cinderella man’?




The Anguish on the protagonist’s face was heart wrenching, when he was looking at his kids and wondered why the system was broken. He had to give his child the last piece of bologna before he went to work, and his wife fusses, and he turns to her…I wept instantly, tears falling on my face, and sobbed. Because I saw on his face what I have felt my whole life and NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT! NO ONE CARES! Well…I care. I care a lot. And maybe it’s my empathetic nature or maybe it’s my own wake-up call, but I’m talking about it now. Everyday. And I will not shut up about it.

We have been told a pack of lies, and we have to realize it, then start a plan to do something about it. Building green is first changing your way of thinking, the patterns involved in shaping your attitudes and actually stop the habitual destructive actions that are sending you farther from Peace of Mind and True Prosperity. NO CODE, folks…no code.


The great seduction…it has had us all for years. We do not want to think about where our food comes from. We not know or care where our heat comes from. Our electricity. Our goods. We just want them when we want them. Period. We have been seduced by the luxury of the western life without considering the cost. The cost? Not just money…but our peace of mind, our health and our environment.


The Roman Empire felt the same thing, folks…near the end. All that remains are the faces and the names of the ones that were the seducers…the ones who allowed it all to happen. And History glorifies them as great conquerors and emperors and Orators, when in reality they were a cancer in a decaying corpse.


The great minds and the great creators of that empire died believing in their government..they were seduced, just as we all are today. People hear me talk like this at a party, and they roll their eyes at me saying, ‘Oh Dan, don’t be dramatic’! Well, somebody has to be, when we live in such a complacent world. People will find themselves in a horrible situation and ask themselves…I’ve heard them say it….I’ve said it….’How did this happen????? How did it come down to this????? The Goths were at the doors of Rome, and people cried the same thing!!!!!


I do not want you to be stuck in the Grid when it comes down. But I have a secret to share with you. You think you have it good now? I will show you a better life, whether the Grid goes down or Not. I will show you a life that, whether you decide to get up that day or not, whether you want to spend a day making a chair or learning a new instrument, or just relax reading a book: There will still be food on your table at the end of that day, and you will still be warm. And you didn’t have to spend a dime to get that confidence and that security. Want to learn how to do that? Keep reading my blog for the next year, and I will show you and direct you to people that will teach you how to do it. It really isn’t about ‘giving up’ anything…I joke about that…it’s about getting it back. Getting your freedom and health and peace back into your own control, and out of the hands of the ones that will exploit you whenever and wherever they can do it. I am very sorry if you do not agree with me.


I have to be cautious, they say. I have to be careful what I say and how I say it. I am so tired of hearing that from people. I am not interested in people’s opinions…I will speak the truth and those that will listen, will listen. Those that aren’t distracted with filling their lives with useless noise and garbage. There will always be those that are parasites or slaves. Always. I am interested in the Agrarian, farmer or tradesman…the one that BUILDS instead of takes away. I am interested in the ones that want community, not living in a bubble afraid of anyone that bumps into them. I am concerned with minds and hearts that will be fertile ground for the seeds I sow that will help them to escape the Great Lie. An economic system that is destroying the world. Destroying people. Destroying the Good life. Everyone is afraid to talk about it. Well…I hope to encourage everyone to talk about it, think about it, and open their minds to the possibility that they can do it too!
The greatest obstacle to getting free of the Grid, is learning about it. Studying it. It’s rather daunting, in reality. I know. A good Doctor encouraged me to start this blog…helped me do it, actually…a good man. He knew I needed to share these ideas so other’s could find them and get started. So…let’s get started. Let’s talk about a green house.


What defines a Green Built House? A simple way of putting it, is this way. A humble abode that nurtures human life by providing the same four functions that sustain our bodies: a supporting structure, a temperature control, separation from the elements and connection to those same elements. Simply put, a building that sustains life in a healthy way with low impact to the environment. It’s a somewhat nebulous term, but to those conscious people that understand the disaster that is modern construction, it comes down to these very important definitions:

1. Low construction impact
2. Resource efficiency through the life of the building
3. Long Lasting
4. Nontoxic
5. Beautiful (non obtrusive)


Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, cultures the world over for centuries have done it. It is only in the last 100 years in the Western world and now overflowing into Europe, that this methodology has been altered. I believe it has been BIG OIL and GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION that has fueled this change. Remember, I used to build houses and renovate them. I have seen the toxins and waste and fuel consumption that has gone in to building a structure that doesn’t last and doesn’t fulfill the basic definition of a house: and is connected to a life support system that simply drains a world of it’s natural resources and destroys an economy. If nothing else, it steals the freedom from the ones living in it. Slaves living in a cage of their own making. Am I the only one who thinks this is criminally sad?



Housing, especially referring to the vikings, originally developed slowly within particular human cultures and in response to specific climates and environments. Using materials from the site itself and techniques developed out of each culture the world over, each style of house was crafted from the very fabric of their surroundings. The results are astounding: Viking Long Houses (dug into the earth for constant temperature and insulation), Igloos (using thermal mass of the ice to enclose heat and repel snow), Wattle and Mud homes (readily available materials and simple maintenance), Egyptian Wind houses (that kept a cool home under the burning sun of the desert), Yurts (an ingenious design that protected a nomadic people from the wind of the mountain passes), Log homes of the trappers in Canada (incredible buildings still standing and withstanding the forces of a Canadian wilderness and can be heated with a candle).



I could go on and on…as there are incredible examples in the world of Green Homes, notwithstanding the new ‘Earth-ship’ movement in the States, and Hay-bale homes in Canada. The point is, that these homes are not just ‘quaint’ and beautiful, but are functional, well within the parameters of the definition of a green Home, are energy efficient, and are OFF GRID! Imagine….just for a brief moment…imagine a town or a city that was built with green homes….could you even conceive it outside of a ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie? It’s hard to imagine isn’t it? But it is completely feasible to build, if people want it bad enough. I am not talking about forsaking the luxuries of this world today, but being smarter about getting them. You can still enjoy the wonders of modern technology, but without the huge cost involved in buying into this entrapment that we call modern living or society at large. But you cannot park your brain. You cannot be lazy. I hate to say this publicly, but a majority in society are just like that. I see them everyday.


We, as a nation of people or even in our own communities, have no personal identity. We all move around too much to even know our environment very well, or even it’s cultural content. That’s the negative. The positive is this: we can learn if you have the drive! Can you ignore the fear and ignorance that you now possess and overcome it with a determined desire and plan of action? I hope I can help you with that. Lack of experience or common sense can be overcome. Put on your learning hat folks! It take perseverance, energy, imagination, and perspiration! Go to your local amazon.com/.ca or corner book store and get some books and read up on things. Do not take my word for it! I could have written this blog dispelling the myths of modern building methods, or about the incredible dangers of the modern building industry. I could have given you a intense look at the toxic chemicals used; the ones your family inhales for hours everyday, or the shoddy building practices that give the illusion of a well build structure, but are just thin veneers covering improper construction and safety guidelines. But I will not do that. It serves no real purpose. I do not want that to be the reason you build green. I want you to change the way your mind thinks about the life you are building.


“Less Yamerrin’, more hammerrin'”!!! You might be thinking that…but I hate to say this: 80 percent of the work is between your ears.


In future posts, we will talk about the Basics of building a Green Home (or any home for that matter):
1. Structure
-creating heat
-creating cool
-maintaining the temp you want
3. Separation
-forces of decay
-building skins


These are the Basics of what makes up a house. Start looking at your house now, and see how it measures up to these items. Walk around and look at other houses. Do the buildings feel connected to the outside in which it is placed…the environment in which it is located? Is there signs of longevity? How does it maintain temperature? Do you see the forces of decay working on it? Is it worth the price they paid for it…are still paying for it? Is it closed off from the world and relying on mechanical systems to keep it alive?
Looking at buildings like this can actually be a lot of fun!



Remember this: that a house exists to nurture human life by augmenting the human body; by providing the same kinds of functions. This perception or perspective defines clearly for anyone who wants to look and understand, what a house is for. If you build your house based on the aforementioned, you will be building a home that will lift your spirit, will not drain your bank account, simplify your life so much so, that you do not need to define yourself with how good a job you have, and how much money you make! And you will have prepared yourself for any situation that would cause the grid to go down. At least, the first step to preparing for the inevitable fact.


Like I mentioned in my Introduction to this Blog Page, I do not wear a tinfoil hat, but rest assured, YOUR GOVERNMENT knows how percarious the situation is, and this is why they hired a foremost scientist to design methods for them to escape the inevitable collapse of society as we know it. His name is John Casti. And his website is HERE!


 **He said in his book,'X-Events',  ‘We live in a world more complex and larger in scale than our forbears could have ever imagined. Our technology-dependent society has become a dizzying, interconnected web as unstable as a house of cards…’. Ya.


I am not saying it will be easy. You will be flying in the face of the modern construction vernacular, and you will be opposed by forces you do not yet know of…and you may be starting from scratch. I’m just saying…it will be worth it.


Don’t think, Home Depot…think VIKING!


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