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An Immigrant's Story

May 5, 2015


A family, with the Surname MacMullin, from the clan MacMillan in the Highlands of Scotland, showed up on the shores of Nova Scotia (New Scotland), Canada after leaving their homeland with sad, but determined faces, with not a dime in their pouches. What they did possess, was tools, skills and some material and a chest of personal reminders of a life they were leaving. And a bible.
After landing in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, the men went and registered with the lands claims office, to see what land was available for sale. They had no money, except some Gold and Silver, but they didn’t want to get rid of that, so found a local farmer that was willing to allow them to squat on a large section of his land, and after three years working for him, he would allow them to purchase a portion of land for themselves. they did so, making buildings to raise the next generation in. They survived the tenure, and bought a section of land, 360 acres from the farmer, and being great friends with the owner, continued to raise their family and build and grow for many years.


They began to notice a change in society and the economy. Bartering became less and less, produce was selling for less and less, and people started leaving the farms to go to the city of Sydney. When they went into town, Glace Bay, they heard of this Electricity, and of Washing machines and refrigerators. They also heard derogatory comments, like ‘poor farmers’ or just ‘poor’ and less people were willing to trade with them. Merchants wanted Canadian currency. Money. If you didn’t have ‘money’ you were considered ‘poor’. With No tv, or radio, the farming family couldn’t understand a lot of what was going on. But they continued their lifestyle happily, until one of the grandsons decided he was moving to the city to work the mines, spouting some fancy like he wanted a car, nice clothes, etc. He was tired of being a ‘farm-boy’. And it wasn’t long before many of the third generation was gone from the homestead. When the grandparents aged to a point where they couldn’t handle the farm anymore, it was passed to the kids, and was promptly sold to a growing farm corporation, that allowed the buildings to rot and fall into disrepair, and the animals sold, and the farm plowed over to grow a cash crop of wheat, then later rape seed, which eventually destroyed the land until chemicals could be sprayed to rejuvenate the soil. The next few generations of MacMullin family were found living in the poor sections of the city and towns around Cape Breton for the next 40 years, until the mines shut down, and the economy tanked. It has NEVER recovered. The family split up, and left Cape Breton to never return, as the children sought out Large cities in the West. Toronto, and beyond. They never went back to their roots, ever. Not a one. Until now.



I tell you that story to bring up a few valid points. Everything is perception. I didn’t tell you the worst part of the story. The grandparents that built the fine dream and left Scotland to make a better life for the kids, ended up in a retirement home (old folks Home) and were abandoned by their family, and died alone. This is the main reason I am telling you this story.

Society is rigged so you get plugged into a corrupt system. It’s actually called, colonization. Until the last 25 years, it has been very well hidden, but now it is rearing it’s ugly head, and can no longer be slinking in the shadows. Too many effects have been brought to light from it’s machinations. I am living proof of the system’s destructive actions and plans. I am not building some sort of conspiracy here…I am telling the truth. open your eyes!


A Fridge costs two weeks ‘pay’ to buy. But do you know what is worse than spending 10 hard work days to buy it? When people pay for it using credit, and end up working 30 days to pay for it instead. Do you know what is worse than that? It is hooked up to life support. Electricity. If the power goes out, so does your food. I haven’t even mentioned a freezer. So on top of paying for a machine that will eventually breakdown, and drain your bank account, it is a consistent drain on your finances, and still leaves you vulnerable to the whims of a utility company. The electrical usage of a fridge is about $25/mos!
Isn’t it ironic that we have come to believe that electrical power frees us and gives us comfort and leisure, when in fact it is the primary means by which we have been colonized and enslaved by the world “powers”?
After a ten year period, about time you will need a new fridge, you would have actually paid $5000 dollars for the fridge. Now let’s look at an ice house. 


Although very rustic, in it’s little hobbit hole, this ice house took two days to build, for absolutely free. It is lined with hay bales covered in sawdust, and ice blocks made or cut in the winter, and it is cold until the following winter. The ambient temperature of the earth helps, and so does the ice. It drains cold water as the ice melts, into what is called a spring house. These two buildings will keep ALL the food for well over a year. For free. But you are poor if you do not own a fridge, is that correct? You are poor if you do not have Electricity. Right? It is part of the great lie. I could continue in this vein of thought for many other things. Washing machines. Stoves. Etc….and Tv’s have destroyed the community in families, and stopped people from learning an instrument, or communicating, or crafting, or learning skills passed on from previous generations.

I really could go on and on for a long time. If you see my other article on Off Grid Living, you will understand a little more.

I just want to solidify my point, that you are NOT POOR if you do not have a nice car, a nice vacation and nice clothes or a nice house. You are NOT poor if you do not have a bank account or eat out a lot. You are not poor if you have to have the latest gadgets, and cannot afford it.

You are a victim of the media, the government, banks and corrupt corporations. I will illustrate with a little story about the coal mine companies.


Jeremiah wanted to leave the farm to work at the local coal mine. Saying goodbye to his Ma and Pa and siblings, he left to the join the local miner union, that set him up in a shack, bunking 6 guys, and started him on the deep veins. All the starters went there to learn the trade. Sydney mines had very few collapses back then, so it was fairly safe. Those damn Scots were smarter than most. After 12 hour shifts, he came back to the shack, after taking a lip-ing (tongue lashing) from the jobber, for not bringing in a tonne that day, and after a cold washing up, ate some food at the common galley. After a month of working, he went to the pay shed to get the first pay check of his LIFE! MONEY!!! HE was on his way to becoming rich!!!! $36 dollars!!! He was going to town!!!


His cheque was issued and as he walked away from the shed he looked down and saw $12 dollars on the piece of important looking paper. What? He ran back and confronted the paymaster with this charge. ‘Where’s the rest of my money’? The guard behind the paymaster moved forward. The man raised his hand and spoke slowly, as to a child, ‘The bunking and food fees, with taxes are taken from the monthly gross. That is what is left.’ Jeremiah had begun to realize the great lie. After a year of working the mines, he began to get sick…but that is another story. He had saved nothing. He had to keep working until he saved enough to payback the company for his food and lodging, as the rates had climbed over the year. He actually OWED the company store more money than he could make in the next month working. He couldn’t even leave if he wanted to. I see people every single day living like this.

So. What are you going to do? Keep living like Jeremiah? Or make a change? There is hope…but you have to want to do whatever it takes to achieve freedom. But you have to want it so bad, you fight everything, everyone, and yourself….to do what it takes. I can help. I can point you to others who can as well. You also need to start opening your eyes….to the media, to the food corporations, to the government machinations. Get free from the thinking that has lead you to the place you are now.


Come join us on the journey to freedom. Protect yourself from the x-events that are coming. protect yourself from the whims and fancies of governments, their cronies and corporations that only want your money. The money that you are forced to make in order to live.

What if I told you it was VERY possible to find land cheap, and build a house for almost free, and provide services to that house for almost free, and plant GMO-free crops, and build a life that your future generations could feel safe and secure in. You could have a year’s supply of good food stored, and animals to comfort you during the winters, and no need for a paycheck. You make your own hours, and call no man Boss. A free life is available. but sacrifices and change of heart and mind is necessary. Are you willing?

You aren’t poor. You are just made to think that way, so you can be used. Stop being used. Read the rest of my blog articles. Then contact me, and I will help you. God Bless you in your journey.




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