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This is a gallery of all the wonderful things we have been involved in, for the past ten years!


We would be delighted if you take a few minutes to peruse the incredible things we have been priviledged to witness and build and experience! We want you to come be a part of history as well! Feel free to watch and visit as oftenas you like as we will add more and more pictures as we go! Also, click the facebook link below to get up to date info on what we are doing this week!! There are HUNDREDS of pictures...but be assured that every one has attached to it a momentus and wonderful memory! I anticipate that there will be many many more hundreds added in the next few years! I put these here to let you know how truly great the people who re-enact are, and how you can be a part of our incredible world! We serve, entertain, teach and encourage. It's what we do. I wouldn't do anything else. This is our fellowship; Welcome, and come on in. Maduinn Mhath, mo charaid!

Position your mouse arrow on the right or left of the thumbnails...and cruise through the hundreds of pics, untill you see one that interests you. Then click on it, and it will enlarge on the main window! Enjoy!