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 'Setting the cornerstones of our future, while excavating the rubble of the past.'™

Past Public Experiences

From feasting to fighting, making Muzak or crafting...all in fun!

Meet The Folks:

               Ross Harty


Friar Lothar

Spiritual leader/Entertainer

Who We Are


After a diverse career path, Dan embarked on a journey to learn everything he could about the middle ages and Viking ages. How to build structures to endure the harsh environment, survival training, how to blacksmith, and create furniture with wood. Janet learned how to spin, weave and construct incredible objects with leather, like belts, pouches, etc. Together they discovered the wonderful gift od learning and decided to teach others as well. Everyone has reasons to learn this stuff...crafting, making a bit of extra money, and perhaps to increase their personal abilities to create...but whatever the reason, All Saints wants to teach.




All Saints Medieval Fellowship is just that: a fellowship. People from all walks of life and experiences to gather and share that knowledge and enjoy fellowship with one another.

What We Believe


We believe that the ancient arts and skills (IE:Crafts) are atrophying in our society. In the age of industrialization and Information, we feel that people have lost the ability to make what they need to work and live, stopped growing their own food, and do not have the ability to be self sustaining or independant from corporate materialization. We want to help become become strong again like our fore-fathers. Have the skills to provide a quality of life that gives back self respect! We also believe in sharing those skills by having clinics, classes, weekly meetings and public events.

How We Work


Everyone is welcome to attend meetings at our designated locations around the City of Edmonton! However, you must become a member to take advantage of the many things we have to offer! Contact us or come down and have a chat! Everyone is truly welcome!

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