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Discounts for Members

We have secured discounts at many local stores, and some in Calgary for Members of All Saints! Great news for new members building thier kit and members wanting to get ready for battle! You must show your membership card to the retailers in order to benefit!


was a great success! May 2nd marked our first Highway clean-up fundraiser. 13 KM of dirty highway dealt with severely by the mighty Saints of our fellowship! Money will be presently spent on weapons for next saturday's practise session on German Guards ! Thank you to everyone who came and helped. We hope to have Next year's Clean-up with doubled efforts! A great Start to the years events! Three walked away with great gifts, and everyone with a hand-made chain maille bracelet! 

Janet and Dan drove to Calgary, Alberta to Darksword Creations with the money from Highways: They came back with this horde of weapons for the Fellowship! Let the sword instruction begin!

We were very excited to pick up Eleven Canvas tents to re-purpose into Medieval tents and canopies for the Camping this year at Brooks Medieval Faire!! This means that instead of spending the time away from the Medieval Village, members and friends can now camp with everyone in thier own A-frame tents! Amazing donation from Camper's Village! Thanks Doug and to Oak for securing the wonderful gifts! Hoozah!

Some great videos of an amazing week-end at the Coronation on Sylvan Lake this year! Much fun and camping and teaching!!

We had the pleasure to play as hobbits at the muttart conservatory this past week! Much fun to be had in the fantasy world of Tolkien! #muttartconservatory

Old instructional videos! Good stuff though!